December 14, 2004
Lamot at Zaandam

in-depth presentation of the LAMOT project , rehabilitation of an old brewery. Lecture at foundation BABEL, forum for architecture & design at Zaandam, NL


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November 22, 2004
'Big in Belgium'

lecture at Architecture School Vaduz, Liechtenstein, introduction by Ilka & Andreas Ruby

November 21, 2004

51N4E's new projects at Departement Architektur, Gestaltung und Bauingenieurswesen, Zuercher Hochschule, Winterthur, CH

November 5, 2004
Tower Development Tirana

51N4E has been shortlisted, along with Architecture Studio and Sadar & Vuga, to enter the competition for the development of a 85m high tower in the centre of Tirana, Albania

October 21, 2004
Concrete Lecture

Febelcem invited 51N4E to talk about their concrete solutions: LAMOTTM and TILE


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October 14, 2004
Saint-Gobain CELL

installation for Saint-Gobain Glass at the Kortrijk XPO Design Biennale, from 15/10/04 until 22/10/04


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October 3, 2004
Perimeter Realities

lecture concluding a 3-day workshop at Auditorium, room 2104, Art + Architecture Building, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

September 30, 2004
Winning Competition Entry

51N4E selected to design an extension of 54 elderly flats in Nevele, B

July 3, 2004
WATOU 2004

parcours of poetry visualisation by 51N4E, in and around the village of Watou, from 04/07/04 until 05/09/04


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May 27, 2004
Masterplan Tienen Shortlisted

the Flemish community has shortlisted the Masterplan 'Kazerne Voorplein' as 1 of 10 to receive project funding: 2.000.000 € has been attributed to the City of Tienen


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May 23, 2004

51N4E's recent projects at the School of Architecture, University of Aachen, G, 20h

May 15, 2004
51N4E on VPRO

R.A.M (Round about Midnight: culture on television) features 51N4E in show with theme Visionairs. Sunday 16/05, 19h30, NL3


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May 6, 2004

Offical lay of the foundation stone, Vismarkt, Mechelen, 20.00h

April 15, 2004
51N4E space producers at NAi publishers

Text by Ilka & Andreas Ruby, Xaveer de Geyter, Bow Wow, Alice Evermore, Pier Vittorio Aureli, Paul Vermeulen and 51N4E

Projects by 51N4E

ISBN 90-5662-359-1/ 25,00 EUR/ april 2004/ 160 pages/ size 16,5x22,5 cm/ english


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April 15, 2004
Rotterdam Maaskantprijs

The 'Rotterdam Maaskantprijs voor Jonge Architecten' has been attributed to 51N4E on April 16th 2004 at Rotterdam city hall.


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March 31, 2004

51N4E has won competition for a mobile, public stand for building sites across Amsterdam (joint first prize with Maurer United)

Launch and presentation event 19h at Rokin, Amsterdam, NL

March 27, 2004
Living in the Lowlands

Opening of the new display of the permanent collection of the NAI, Nederlands Architectuur Instituut, Rotterdam, NL


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March 23, 2004
Urban Renewal

proposal for urban renewal Kazerne Tienen on display in local museum (including model and digital presentation)

Grote Markt 6, 3300 Tienen / from 10h till 17h (except monday) / closes 02-04

February 3, 2004
51N4E at EM2N

51N4E shows recent projects at EM2N office, Hardstrasse 219, Zurich - 19.00h - introduction by Andreas Ruby (Textbild)