World Urbanisms

The thesis studio “Shared Infrastructure”, a collaboration of 51N4E and the Catholic University of Leuven, with focus on the central region of Tirana-Durres (Albania) has concluded. The final presentation will happen in the framework of the 2-day World Urbanisms Seminar in KUL. Thesis students: Wouter Haspeslagh, Alaleh Kouhkan, Thomas Lenaerts, Mieke Nagels, Ellen Verbiest/ tutor: Sotiria Kornaropoulou

Tue, 24/06/2014 - Wed, 25/06/2014
Arenberg Castle, Leuven, BE
Shared Infrastructure studio/ KUL

The spring semester studio in the Catholic University of Leuven just started. Five master students of Urbanism and Strategic Planning will do their final project on the themes of mobility infrastructure and public space, with the region of Tirana-Durres as testing ground. The studio is guided by 51N4E in collaboration with Lowie Vermeersch/ granstudio.